Leroy & Patches-Bonded-Males

Leroy & Patches-Bonded-Male

Hi there! Leroy and Patches checking in! We are still available and waiting for our forever family. In the meantime, our foster mom and dad have figured out a lot of stuff by getting to know us better.

We are bonded brothers who came to PetSearch by no fault of our own. Our original parents no longer could care for us due their age and health. We love to run free in a fenced in yard – we are weirded out by collars, harness and leashes (foster mom has tried everything- she can wrestle a collar onto us and walk us about 5 min until we back out of our collars) so a fenced in yard would be best for us. We would love someone who’s home most of the day but short times alone are just fine with us too! We love our foster brothers/sisters and kitties but crave more attention than we get here since we have to share with a lot of them! We want most of the snuggles, love, and attention. We would be best in a house with no other dogs – but We are good with other small dogs as long as they aren’t confrontational.
Patches wants to be the boss and protects Leroy with all his brotherly love – these two are inseparable and will snuggle and play all day with each other and with humans, but they’re couch potatoes at heart. Our foster mama says our puppy-kiss attacks make her day. We are scared of cages for long periods of time but ok for a couple hours, a closed off room is perfect for us but you’ve gotta leave give us something comfy to lay on. We are outside and pee-pad trained with the occasional accident (chihuahuas have small bladders) we are good with children 10-up and like a calm environment as we get worried and worked up with new surroundings and noise – Due to this, Previous chihuahua experience preferred but all are welcome to apply. We do come on command and most times will stay when told to. Leroy catches treats in his mouth and will try anything for food!
If you give us a chance and a little patience we will be your best snuggle buddies for life!

Apply for us at https://www.shelterluv.com/matchme/adopt/PAPS/Dog


PA KL# 03301

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