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Daisy was an owner surrender to Pet Search in January 2018….owner moving and no time for her. Daisy can be wonderfully sweet in the right environment. She loves being around people and is always underfoot, but the love is on her terms. Picking her up, loving on her, brushing her, etc. is when she is ready. She is tolerant of both dogs and cats, but she’d would be much happier as an only pet. Daisy is 4 years old, spayed and current on vaccinations. Applications are available at




Spice is one of 5 kittens that arrived several weeks ago with upper respiratory infections, eye infections, full of fleas and dehydrated due to cocchidia. Pet Search got them the medication needed, gave them lots of love and nutritious food. With TLC, they are now healthy and ready for adoption!
Spice is an adorable female 7 week old tabby kitten who loves to play and enjoys toys. She loves other cats and has been socialized with dogs.
Spice is negative for feline leukemia/feline aids, has her first set of vaccines and is microchipped. We are accepting applications and she will ge ready to go to her forever home next week!



When Sally came to Pet Search, she immediately went to our vet’s office, where it was confirmed she was pregnant. After several weeks and no babies, she went back only to find that the kitten had passed away inside her. Surgery was done immediately to remove the dead kitten and she has been on antibiotics to prevent infection.
Sally is now spayed, very healthy and is extremely loving. She is approximately 2 years old, great with other animals and is fully vetted, including felv/fiv and microchipping.
Applications for this sweet girl can be found at



Introducing Waffle….
this very handsome boy was rescued by a Pet Search volunteer at the Waffle House on Racetrack Road in Washington. Employees state that he has been there for several months, living under the dumpster and being fed scraps by the employees. Waffle has been neutered through a TNR program (note the tipped ear) but is not a feral cat. He has been someone’s pet at some time in his life (he is about 3 years of age) but has been tossed out to live on the streets. Waffle is good with other cats and is getting acclimated to living in a house with dogs.
Do you like waffles… maybe this is the cat for you!
Applications available at


Dinah was abandoned by Planet Fitness in Washington right before Christmas… a Good Samaritan brought her to Pet  Search so she would not die outside in the frigid temperatures. She has an ear tip, so she has been spayed through a TNR program. No one has stepped up to claim her.
Dinah is around 2 years old, tested for felv/fiv and heartworm. She is fully vaccinated. Dinah is very sweet and is getting acclimated to dogs. She was an indoor cat at some point in her short life. She loves being indoors again!
Applications are available at


Kringle- Kitten-Male
Kringle is one of 5 kittens that before Christmas  with upper respiratory infections, eye infections,  full of fleas and dehydrated  due to cocchidia. Pet Search got them the medication needed, gave them lots of love and nutritious food. With TLC, they are now healthy and ready for adoption!
Kringle is a playful   10 week old brown tabby.  He is the largest of the five kittens. He loves other cats and has been socialized with dogs.
Kringle is negative for feline leukemia/feline aids, has his first set of vaccines and is microchipped. We are accepting applications for him and his littermates…. Kris , Sugar, Spice, and Jack  Frost



Penny was adopted from Pet Search when she was a year old… that  was 4 years ago. She was returned because the owners felt after all this time she was unhappy living with several other  cats. Penny is a “loner” and although she gets along with dogs  and cats, she would prefer to be an only cat. Penny is spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated.
Applications are available at



Handsome Winston was dropped off in a colony of abandoned cats on Walnut Street in Washington. No one responded to our posts trying to find an owner even though he was neutered but  not microchipped. Winston is around 4 years old, very friendly and is good with both dogs and cats. Since coming to Pet Search, he has been tested for feline leukemia/feline aids, fully vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. We want to make sure that Winston’s new family will love him as we do and not abandoned him to an  outside life. Applications are available at,
Please share to help Winston fund his new fovever home!




Flower was trapped about 2 weeks ago in downtown Washington. In less than 48 hours, she was purring and loving being held by her foster mom. Flower is a 9 weeks old female tabby and white who enjoys playing with her toys, chasing the other cats, lying in the sun and being brushed. Flower would be an excellent kitty for an active family with children.


Higgins-Male-DOB 5/19


Higgins was recently brought to Pet Search… a neighbor witnessed several younger girls submerging Higgins repeatedly in a bucket of water and also slamming him onto the ground. After several “conversations” between the neighbor and the parent, the parent agreed to release Higgins to the neighbor who brought him to Pet Search.
Higgins is about 3 months old, very sweet and purrs constantly in spite of all the teams that he has encountered. He is a little “wobbly” on his feet but appears not to suffer any long term neurological issues. He has been tested and is negative for felv/fiv and is vaccinated. He will be neutered as soon as he gets a little stronger. Applications are available at



Oswald was a stray from Canonsburg… he and his littermate Osborne “materialized” at one of our volunteer’s home. Oswald is around 5 months old, extremely playful, very loving and enjoys toys… lots of toys! He is getting acclimated to the joys of being around dogs and is great with other cats. Oswald is felv/fiv negative, vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and scheduled for neutering. Meet and greets can be arranged with an application.


Kiwi-female-young Adult


Kiwi and her littermates were abandoned and brought to pet search in July. She is 16 weeks old, extremely lovable and plays so well with other kitties. Kiwi is felv/fiv negative, fully vetted, spayed and microchipped. Applications are available at


Polly-Kitten/Female-DOB 4/2019


Meet Polly, One of our volunteers found Polly and her siblings abandoned near her home. She raised them from tiny kittens who are now very social. Polly loves to cuddle in your lap. Polly is ready for his forever homes. Applications for Polly can be found at



Bentley and his sister Brandi were adopted from Pet Search when they were kittens… work schedules leave them alone far too much so they have come back into foster care. Bently is 1.5 years old with beautiful green eyes, and an affectionate purr. He is great with other cats and is getting acclimated to being with dogs. He can be an only cat, but would love to be adopted with his sister Brandi.
Applications are available at


Violet-1 Year Old-Female

Violet came to Pet Search with her beautiful babies in April… the kids were days old.she was cared for in a foster home with other cats, a dog and a child si she and her children and was very well socialized and loved. All but one of the kids have been adopted, and violet would love to have s home also. She is a kitten herself (9 months) and is very loving. Applications are available at


Harry-8 years old-Male

One of the eldest “statesman” of the fosters who enjoys watching his kingdom from the bookshelves top spot. Loves to be combed and loved. Harry is 8 years old and is looking for his fur-ever home. Harry is great with other cats, but has had no exposure to dogs or children.
Applications are available at



Latte was abandoned when her owners moved and did not take her. The local shelter had the police remove the dog, but left her. She was left outside in the subzero temperatures hoping for someone to help her. Pet Search brought her into our program and named her “Latte” because if her beautiful buff coloring. Latte is very sweet and good with other animals.
Latte was adopted in April but recently returned to Pet Search because she and the existing cat were not always agreeable. Applications are available at



Trapping feral cats in colonies takes a lot of time, effort and planning. You spend hours, days, weeks setting traps, checking and baiting and running to the vet with cats in traps for altering. There are also the not so rare “surprises” of a very tame/social cat that’s also living in the colony. Mom and 5 very friendly kittens were living in this colony. No trapping needed for this beautiful family! Mom has found a great home, but the “gods and goddesses” litter are now waiting fir families.

Eros is 14 weeks old and the smallest boy in the litter. Eros is a brown tabby and white who loves toys, zooming through the house and napping in the sun. He loves to snuggle! He has a brothers (Apollo) and 2 sisters (Diana and Aphroditē) that are still waiting for forever homes. Applications for these beautiful kittens are available at



Thelma and Louise


Thelma and Louise came to Pet Search in July as very sick babies. With antibiotics and lots of TLC, they both recovered their overall health. Thelma had a badly infected eye, however, that couldn’t be saved. She is completely healed from her surgery and acts like a normal kitten. These lovable sisters are 5 months old now and ready for adoption. Both girls are very lovable and start to purr as soon as they are picked up. They have been raised in a foster home with dogs, cats and teenage kids. We would love to see them adopted together. Two kittens are so much fun! Do you have room in your heart and home for one (or both)? Applications available at


MARLOW – adult Female

Marlow is all set for her forever home. Has all kitten shots, is spayed, tested, chipped and worm and flea treated. She loves toys and wrestling with her brother Mika. She also likes nestling on my mom’s lap for a nap. One for $65 or two for $110 Born April 5th


MISS KITTY – 2 years – Female

Miss Kitty came to Pet Search as a stray in May with two beautiful 5 week old kittens- Thomas and Bobbi. Bobbi is still with Pet Search waiting for her home, and amiss Kitty is ready to find her furr-ever family! Miss kitty is around 2 years of age, is dog and cat friendly, loves being picked up and loved on as well as being brushed. She loves toys as well as lounging in a chair. Miss Kitty would fit in with any family… could it be yours?


EBONY – 4 years – Female

Ebony is a petite young lady who came to Pet Search as a stray. She is 4 years old and so incredibly sweet! Ebony enjoys lounging on the sofa, watching birds from the window, being brushed, cat napping and lots of loves. If that sounds like the type of cat you are looking for, then Ebony is the cat for you!


MIKA – Adult-Male

Mika is all set for his forever home. Has all kitten shots, is neutered, tested, chipped and worm and flea treated. He’s a sweet and snuggly boy who loves to play, especially with his sister Marlow. Riding my mom’s walker and sleeping on my mom’s lap are some of Mika’s other favorite activities. One for $65 or two for $110 Born April 5th


BARNUM – 7 months – Male

Barnum and his sister Bailey were surrendered to Pet Search the day the owner was evicted from his home. Bailey is 7 months old, very affectionate and loves to play. He is now fully vetted, neutered and would be wonderful with a family with children. He enjoys running after cat balls, sleeping in the window seat and watching birds.


AMY – 6 months – Female

Amy was found near Subway in Hickory. She is so loving, affectionate and playful and is enjoying being safe in her foster home. She is very active and loves her toys. Amy is about 6 months old, spayed and ready to find her furever home.


JACKSON – 5 months – Male

Jackson came to Pet Search as a stray semi-feral kitten who needed a lot of extra TLC if he was going to have a chance to be adopted….and he got just that! Jackson is 5 months old, loves to be petted and held and is now looking for his fur-ever family! He is neutered, fully vaccinated, feline leukemia/feline aids negative and microchipped.


MELINA – 4 years – Female

Melina’s family moved away and left her behind. The neighbors have been feeding her,but living in a box on the porch of her former owners home was not a good fit for Melina. Melina is approximately 3-4 years old, spayed and very sweet. She is Talkative kitty in a carrier and enjoys being brushed. Melina would love a second chance to be an indoor cat… won’t you give her that chance?


SOPHIE – 5 years – Female

Sophie was an owner surrender to Pet Search after her owner moved and could not take her or her sister CO. The two girls spent 4 months alone in the house after the owner moved (they were being fed and cared for) before Pet Search took them in, so it took a little while for them to become acclimated to constant family activity again. Sophie is 5 years old and is a beautiful tortie. She is a big girl and is very affectionate once she knows you. She is wonderful with other cats.



Benjamin came to Pet Search about 2 weeks ago… scarred, dirty and really “rough”. He had been living on the streets for many months, fighting for survival. Pet Search saw a diamond in the rough and brought him into the program. What we discovered was a big baby with the sweetest personality! He follows us around like a dog, loves belly rubs and fancy feast! If you are looking for a big boy with personality plus, look no further… this is your man!


MAGGIE – 1.5 years – Female

Maggie was abandoned. She was a great mother who now enjoys lounging in the sunlight. She gives extra love to the needy fosters in the home all the while being so sweet. Maggie is around 1.5 years old.


INDIE – 8 months – Male

Indie is 8 months old. He is a very playful and sweet male that gets along with other foster kitties.


JEDI – 7 months – Male

Jedi is a 7 month old Male kitten released to Pet Search with other siblings. He is very playful, inquisitive and knows the sound of the treat jug opening!


PETA – 2.5 years – Female

“Peta was found in Washington Park on Labor Day as a tiny baby. I bottle fed her and when she was old enough, introduced her to the rest of her foster family. She gets along well with all of the other cats, likes special attention and often will curl up with me for the night. She can be playful and will chase and be chased by the other fosters. A sweetheart.” Peta is 2.5 years old and is looking for her fur-ever home.

baby boy


What the power of love and compassion can do…
Baby Boy, his sister Baby Girl, and Mom were brought to Pet Search in August of 2018. They were being cared for by a family in Brownsville who were cited for caring for outside cats. Pet Search took all 3, who were semi-feral, and worked with them to overcome fear and people. Baby Boy and Baby Girl are both sweet and friendly and ready adoption; Mom is almost ready. Baby Boy is good with both dogs and cats and would do better in a home with at least one other cat.

baby girl

BABY GIRL – Female

What the power of love and compassion can do…
Baby Girl, her brother Baby Boy and Mom were brought to Pet Search in August of 2018. They were being cared for by a family in Brownsville who were cited for caring for outside cats. Pet Search took all 3, who were semi-feral, and worked with them to overcome fear and people. Baby Girl and Baby Boy are both sweet and friendly and ready adoption; Mom is almost ready. Baby Girl is good with both dogs and cats and would do better in a home with at least one other cat.


VALENTINO – 5 years – Male

Valentino came to Pet Search on Valentine’s Day 2019…he way lying in the middle of the road when a Good Samaritan stopped, thinking he was deceased, to move him. He got up and so she brought him to Pet Search. Valentino weighed 4 pounds when he came to us; his eyes were badly infected, he had pneumonia and a UTI. He has been treated twice for his UTI and we are so happy to report that he has finally healthy and is ready for adoption! Valentino was neutered Tuesday and given a clean bill of health! This sweet boy is around 5 years old, extremely affectionate and is great with both dogs and cats. He loves to sit in your lap and be brushed. He was great about taking all his meds and once he was feeling good, had been a great eater. We saw the diamond in the rough when he came to us and gave him his second chance-he deserves a loving home! It took over 3 months to get him healthy, but look at him now! Take a chance in Valentino… you will not be disappointed!



FRITZ – 2 years – Male

Fritz was a stray from Manifold Road in Washington. Because it is s highly traveled road, most stray animals do not have a chance for survival. Fortunately, Fritz had a guardian angel that rescued him and brought him to Pet Search. Fritz is a 2 year old male with gorgeous black velvety fur. He is very affectionate, a great snuggler and is wonderful with both dogs and cats. He would be a incredible cat for a family because of his personality.


BELLA – 10 months – Female

Bella was born to a feral mom on a porch in Beallsville. She and her littermates were caught as very young kittens and socialized in a foster home. Bella is 10 months old and very sweet. She is great with both dogs and cats.


NORMAN – 3 years – Male

Norman was an owner surrender…. when a baby develops allergies, sometimes you need to make decisions. Norman was not happy living away from his family in the game room. They spent what time they could with him but he was still not happy. Norman is now with Pet Search looking for a new forever home. Norman is 3 years old and a very handsome short hair orange and white. He loves people!


CLARICE – Female

Clarice and her 7 littermates were around 6 weeks old when they were dropped off at the end of a driveway last summer. All the siblings have found their forever homes except Clarice and we don’t understand why…
Clarice is a beautiful silver tabby with diluted calico patches. She is sweet, a little reserved when meeting new people and is wonderful with other cats. How about giving her a chance to be the perfect kitty in your home?



MUNCHKIN – 9 months – Male

Munchkin is available for adoption!  He is friendly and is good with kids and other cats. Munchkin is a lap cat and cuddly but also likes to do his own thing.  He loves treats and loves to play.



ROSIE – 9 months – Female

Rosie is one of 9 kittens that were born to a stray mother. With lots of TLC and handling in a foster home, they became very socialized and ready for adoption. She is now 9 months old and was raised with dogs, cats and children.



SHANDY – 5 years – Female

Shandy is a beautiful 5 year old female DSH Grey and white kitty… her fur is like velvet! Shandy was an owner surrender to pet search about 6 weeks ago and we like to really get to know our pets before putting them up for adoption. Shandy is very sweet, gentle, and is great with both dogs and other cats. She loves to lay in the window seat and “catch the morning and afternoon rays” Shandy loves a quiet lifestyle, minimal activity.


JOANIE – Female

Joanie is searching for a home!



Bella came to Pet Search as a stray with three kittens from Washington. Her kittens all found homes quickly but like most momma kitties, she is still waiting. Bella is now spayed and ready to move on with her life. She was shy at first but she learned to trust in her foster home. Her foster mom says she will make someone a beautiful lap kitty!



EBONY – 5 years – Male

Ebony was found under a porch.  He loves to hang out on top of bookcases!  He is good with other cats and very playful.  Would he fit into your life?

EbonyA Ebony Ebony2

Gator (1)

GATOR – 4 years – Male

Gator was found with his mom and siblings in Canton Township.  He is very sweet, loving, and playful.  He sleeps with his foster mom and loves to play with other foster kitties!  He has been in foster care since he was a kitten.

Gator Gator Gator