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Cats and Kittens


AVALYN – 4 years – Female

Meet Avalyn. She is a new girl who was surrendered by her owner. She is a four year old front declawed kitty who is loving and calm. Avalyn would love a lap to sit on and a friend to spend her time with. Want to meet Avalyn? Call us at 724-228-7335 or email us at


WIGGLES – 2.5 years – Male

Presenting Wiggles. He is a two and a half year old front declawed kitty who loves everyone he meets. Wiggles loves to be held and would love someone who will share their bed with him. If you are looking for someone to spend the upcoming cold winter nights with, then take a look at Wiggles, you won’t regret it. Call us at 724-228-7335 or email us at for more information.


FUSCIA – 1 year – Female

Fuscia is very sweet and loving!  This one year old grey tortie was in the shelter in St. Thomas when Hurricane Irma hit the island.  She and many other animals in the shelter before the hurricane hit were evacuated after due to hurricane damage.  She is now searching for a home here!  Fuscia is about 1 year old.

Rey1 (1)

REY – kitten – Female

Rey was born on 8/18/17 and her mother died after a week.  She was bottle fed along with her three littermates, and she will be ready for a home soon!

Rey1 Rey

high grade


High grade is a stunning black male cat who was in the shelter in St Thomas when Hurricane Irma destroyed the island. He is so friendly and appears to be good with both dogs and other cats. All us wants us a loving lap, toys and treats… can you offer that?

Boba Fett

BOBA FETT – kitten – Male

Boba Fett was born on 8/18/17 and his mother died after a week.  He was bottle fed along with his three littermates, and he will be ready for a home soon!



FIN – kitten – Male

Fin was born on 8/18/17 and his mother died after a week.  He was bottle fed along with his three littermates, and he will be ready for a home soon!



CARRIE – kitten – Female

Carrie was born on 8/18/17 and her mother died after a week.  She was bottle fed along with her three littermates, and she will be ready for a home soon!


FALLON – kitten – Female

Fallon is a sweet, beautiful calico tabby kitten who will have medium or long hair.  Her approximate date of birth is 8/3/17

_fallon Fallon


LANE – kitten – Male

Meet Lane! This sweet boy loves being held and loves laying in the kitty hammock! This little guy is a short hair kitten who is orange tabby with some white markings. He was born on about 8/10/17 to a stray mom that was trapped/fixed/released. He is good with everything and everyone – dogs, cats, and kids.

_lane lane


VIOLET – 1 year – Female

Violet is feisty and playful!  She is SO entertaining to watch when she has a toy and can entertain herself and everyone around her.  She is a little spitfire!  She also loves attention in between playtime.  Violet was in the shelter in St. thomas when Hurricane Irma hit the island.  She along with many other animals who had been in the shelter before the hurricane were evacuated to various rescues in the US for a better chance of finding a home.  Violet is only about a year old and has a beautiful tabby coat with a few calico markings!



DAPHNIE – 1 year – Female

Daphnie is a 1 year old kitty who is very sweet, gentle, and wants to be with you all the time!  She gets along with cats and dogs.


CHIPMUNK – 3 years – Female

Chipmunk was surrendered to Pet Search.  She is three years old and very sweet.  She likes to drink running water and “talk” about her world!  Chipmunk gets along with all the other foster kitties in her foster home.

Carson (1)

CARSON – kitten – Male

Carson’s approximate birthdate is June 13 so he is eight or nine weeks old!  This sweet kitten is a male black and white shorthair.  Carson found alone in Canonsburg and is a recent arrival at Pet Search to find a home of his own.


JAMES – kitten

James is searching for a home!


SERENITY – 8 years – Female

Serenity is a very sweet and quiet girl who loves to sit on your lap!  She was a stray who came to people asking for love, attention, and food.  Now she is at Pet Search looking for a home.  She is one of the older cats in the program and is around 8 years old.  We hope her stay here is short though.  Serenity is a loving girl who deserves a wonderful home!  She is very playful despite her age!

Serenity (1)


JOANIE – Female

Joanie is searching for a home!


JOI – Female

Joi is searching for a home!


JULIE – Female

Julie is searching for a home!



Sara is one of our many kittens searching for a home!


TINKER – 5 years – Female

Tinker’s whole life just changed and she is trying to figure everything out.  She is shy and sensitive and needs a quiet and patient adoptor!  She was partially shaved to remove matted fur and is much more comfortable now.  She is almost 5 years old.  Tinker was found as a kitten in the motor of a vehicle and adopted by her foster parent, whose health later declined so she is searching for a new home.  She is used to being an only cat and is adjusting to being around other cats.  She is not sure about men yet as she hadn’t been around any men for a while.

tinker3 tinker2 tinker1

Joy & Noel

JOY and NOEL – 8 months

Joy and Noel were found as strays and socialized in a foster home.  They are searching for a home of their own!


GRACE – 2 years – Female

Grace was a stray in Bridgeville. She had kittens and the finder was able to place them all in homes. But they could not keep Grace and they could not find her a home. Now, Grace is at Pet Search still searching for a home! Kittens are easy to place but cats are hard to find homes for. Grace is two years old. Grace is a bit shy with new people.



TRUDY – 6 months – Female

Trudy was trapped as a feral kitten in a Washington colony and was socialized while she was young.  She is sweet but shy when you first meet her.  Trudy had very, very bad eye infections when she was found.  Her eyes are a little runny but otherwise normal!


TESSE – 6 months – Male

Tesse was trapped as a feral kitten in 84 PA and was socialized while he was young.  Now, he is so sweet!  He is great with other cats and dogs.  He had very, very bad eye infections when he was found.  His eyes are a little runny but otherwise normal!


MARBLES – 4 years – Female

Meet Marbles!  Marbles was owner surrendered.  She lived in the same home for her entire life and coming to Pet Search was a big change for her.  She is shy but coming out of her shell now, and she is very loving.  Marbles is cat and dog friendly and hopes that her stay with Pet Search will not be long.  Marbles is very clean when using her litter box.  If you are looking to adopt a cat that is a little older (4 years) and settled, then please take a look at Marbles.  Marbles’ whole life has been turned upside down, and she needs a hero.  Call us at 724-228-7335 or email us at

marbles Marbles



Bella came to Pet Search as a stray with three kittens from Washington. Her kittens all found homes quickly but like most momma kitties, she is still waiting. Bella is now spayed and ready to move on with her life. She was shy at first but she learned to trust in her foster home. Her foster mom says she will make someone a beautiful lap kitty!



LYDIA – 2 years – Female

Lydia was a stray cat who arrived at Pet Search very pregnant in March 2017 and had 5 kittens on April 2.  She raised her family and is ready to move on with her life now that her kittens are old enough to be away from her!  All the kittens but one, named Cullen, have been adopted.  Lydia is looking for a home now that she is done being a mom.  She is very sweet and gentle and is great with other cats and dogs.

Lydia Lydia (1) Lydia (2)


VICTOR – 1 year – Male

Victor is a one year old kitty who was wandering the streets this winter. Luckily one night when it was 19 degrees he showed up at a good samaritan’s house and they took care of him until Pet Search could bring him into our program. Victor is loving and playful. He is dog and cat friendly

Victor Victor


RHEA – 8 months – Female

Rhea is an eight month old kitty who is all black.  She isn’t quite full grown yet.  She is a sweet girl who was a stray that was trapped and brought to the Pet Search program.  Contact Pet Search at 724-228-7335 or email for more information.



MIMEW – 1.5 years – Female

Hi, I’m Mimew and I’m full of personality!  My foster home has other cats and dogs that I enjoy playing with.  I also love to sit at the screen door and daydream of catching the mole, birdy, and chipmunk!  I am very playful and I love the “dot dot” (laser pointer) game.  I have loads of toys that I come with and my own pet carrier.  I “mew” conversation with you and I am a quiet ninja when I move about.  I am very neat and clean.  I prefer a litter box with a lid for privacy.  I like being the head girl kitty in the house but I am very good to all!



ILENE – 1 year – Female

Ilene’s story is a sad one but we hope a bright future starts now.  She was posted on Facebook found severely injured, and her rescuer arranged to have her come to Pet Search for treatment.  Ilene has been through a lot in her life already.  We think she was hit by a car shortly before she was found.  She had a large laceration all the way down a back leg that showed tendons.  The vet cleaned her up and she spent time resting comfortably in a warm bed while she healed.  Her other rear leg had been broken in the past and healed improperly.  The vet says that because it is already healed and very calcified, it is too late to reset the bone to heal properly.  If it bothered her, the vet said it could be amputated but that doesn’t seem to be necessary at all.  Ilene limps a bit but gets around fine!

Despite everything, Ilene is a sweet girl.  She is now ready to be placed in a loving home!  From her teeth, the vet thinks she is only a year old.  Contact Pet Search if you want to give this girl the life of happiness she deserves!

From her foster mom, shortly after Ilene’s vet care:

“Yesterday afternoon, this little girl was a stray. Tonight, she in in my home… warm and protected. Yesterday, she was considered critical – a deep laceration displaying tendons; an injured leg, urinating blood and white gums. Tonight she is resting comfortably, in a bed, on antibiotics and pain meds after surgery. The injured leg is a poorly healed broken leg; the bloody urine may be from internal injuries as we suspect she may have been hit by a car. The laceration, after surgery, is stapled. Yesterday she was a stray; tonight she is cherished. Today she is no longer a stray… she is now “Ilene”, and she is safe and loved. Donations are being accepted for Ilene‘s surgery and care….”

ilene ilene2 ilene3


COOPER – 4 years – Male

Meet Cooper. He is soft and cuddly and wants to be someone’s kitty. At 4 years old he is settled and easy going!


AURORA – 4 years – Female

Aurora was an owner surrendered along with her mom in January when they moved and was unable to take them. The owner was heartbroken as she has had Aurora and her Mom almost all of their lives. Aurora is 4 years old, she is a big girl with a big attitude. Aurora would do best as the only pet and no small children. She loves to play laser tag and to sit on your lap. She likes to gets petted, but it has to be on her terms. She does like to lie in your lap. She is a beautiful girl who is still learning to trust someone other than her original owners. This may take a while but she deserves a forever home and to not be abandoned again. Aurora’s Mom found her forever home a few weeks ago, and she has been more personable and outgoing. Aurora does not care to attend adoption events and when she does is very nervous which has hindered her finding a new home. If you are looking for someone who will love you forever and appreciate everything you do for her, then please consider giving Aurora a home.

aurora1 aurora2 aurora aurora


MISSOURI – 1 year – Female

Missouri is a little bit shy and slowly coming out of her shell.  She was brought to Pet Search with her three kittens.  She is very affectionate but takes time to warm up and is very shy.  She is a little over a year old.  She is a smaller kitty but full grown.  Missouri needs someone who will love her and show her that people are okay!



CINNAMON – 1 year – Male

Cinnamon’s owner moved and abandoned him.  A neighbor cared for him until he came to Pet Search.  He is a friendly guy who gets along with people and other cats!



CLEMENTINE – 3 years – Female

Clementine is shy but loving.  She loves to climb the cat tree and watch the birds out the window!  She loves her foster family and gets along with everyone.


TOMMY – 5 years – Male

Tommy was born in the wild with his sister (who has found a home).  He’s been with Pet Search since he was 4 months old!


BAILY – 4 years – Male

Baily was abandoned at 9 months old in a colony cared for by Pet Search.  He has been in a foster home for 3 years!  He is a little shy at adoptathons and it makes it hard for him to find a home.  Baily does well with dogs and cats.  He is very sweet.

Baily baily Baily baily


AMARI – 1.5 years – Female

Amari is a sweet girl who was born in foster care.  She loves laps, laying in the sun, and playing.  She is very loving and loves to be combed and petted!  Interested in meeting her?  Call her foster mom Janet at 724-223-8468


RANSON: My name is Ranson. The gals around here call me handsome Ranson. I’m looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. I enjoy quiet nights sitting on the couch watching netflix snuggled up in a blanket with my favorite person. You can win my heart with Fancy Feast and just about any treat. For more information, call my Foster Mom at 724-223-8468. Hope to see you soon, Ranson

Ranson ransom


EBONY – 1 year – Male

Ebony was found under a porch.  He is 1 year young and loves to hang out on top of bookcases!  He is good with other cats and very playful.  Would he fit into your life?

EbonyA Ebony Ebony2

Georgie Girl

GEORGIE GIRL – 1.5 years – Female

My name is Georgie Girl. I’m 1.5 years old. I am just a kitty so I love to play with anything that is shiny and rolls. But my favorite thing to do is snuggle up with my Foster Mom at night when we go to sleep. Do you need a snuggle buddy? I’m available. Call my Foster Mom to get more information at 724-223-8468 or email us at

Georgie Girl Georgie Girl

Gator (1)

GATOR – 8 months – Male

Gator was found with his mom and siblings in Canton Township.  He is very sweet, loving, and playful.  He sleeps with his foster mom and loves to play with his litter mates and other foster kitties!

Gator Gator Gator


ALI:  Ali is a beautiful DSH tabby and white female that was abandoned. She is very sweet, and, although she likes other cats, she would prefer to be the only cat. She is great with dogs and with children of all ages.


STRIDER:  Strider is a male DSH gray tabby. Born in foster care. Great with cats. Shots current and neutered.


KAYLEE – 10 years – Female

Kaylee is a ten year old girl who has been searching for her forever home for six years. Has Kaylee been looking for you?


MCNUGGETT – 4.5 years – Male 

McNuggett was dropped off at McDonald’s and Pet Search was asked to help him.  That is why his name is McNuggett!  He is a big, all black kitty who is about 4.5 years old.  McNugget is gentle and does well with other cats and dogs.  He has been with Pet Search for many months and we hope he finds a home soon!