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NORMAN – 3 years – Male

Norman was an owner surrender…. when a baby develops allergies, sometimes you need to make decisions. Norman was not happy living away from his family in the game room. They spent what time they could with him but he was still not happy. Norman is now with Pet Search looking for a new forever home. Norman is 3 years old and a very handsome short hair orange and white. He loves people!


CLOE – 3 years – Female

Cloe could be considered the “perfect” cat…lovable, without being overbearing; content to sit in one location for hours and observe; playful, but not rambunctious. Choe is great with both dogs and cats. Cloe is 3 years old and ready to come home with you!


MIMOSA – 2 years – Female

Mimosa was someone’s cat… however, she was abandoned in the west end of Washington to fend for herself. She will be needing extra TLC as she is underweight and needed fluids. Mimosa is negative for feline leukemia/feline aids and will be spayed once she is a little healthier. She is around 2-3 years old, very loving and is a Manx (shorter tail). We are accepting applications for Mimosa.


AURORA – 3 years – Female

Aurora was a Street kitty… out on her own, having litters after litters and relying on her “neighborhood” to feed her and her kids. Fortunately, one of her caretaker said “enough is enough” and called Pet Search. Aurora was trapped, tested, and was on antibiotics for over a month to get her healthy enough for spaying. During that time, she really began to respond to love and discovered that she liked being indoors, petted, brushed and held. Aurora is available for adoption through Pet Search- she is a beautiful all white cat, approximately 3 years old. She will melt your heart with her purring and head butts.

kit kat

KIT KAT – 11 years – Female

11 year old Tabby and white kitty named Kit Kat is looking for a new home or foster. Owners are moving to a place where she’s prohibited. Kit loves sitting on registers and in front of the fireplace. Although she’s been around other cats she would love to be an only cat. Would do best in a quiet environment, sweet but skittish.


LILY – 8 months – Female

Lily is approximately 8 months old. She was found in a field with 2 kittens. The kittens found homes. Now Lily needs a home. She has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and now just needs a family of her own. Lily is very affectionate. She is happy to be petted and content to do her own thing as well. She seems very happy to be living indoors away from the cold she was found in. Do you have a warm loving home for Lily?


PUMPKIN – 1 year – Female

Pumpkin came to Pet Search the end of August with six kittens that were about 24 hours old. Since August, all of Pumpkins kids have found wonderful homes and now it is her turn to be adopted! Pumpkin is about a year old, great with dogs, cats and people if all ages! She is very loving and wants to be in a home of her own for the holidays!


CLARICE – Kitten – Yes

Clarice is 14 weeks old and loves to play. She was one of a litter of 8 kittens abandoned about 2 months ago. Clarice would love to have a home of her own!


BROOKE – Female

Brooke arrived at Pet Search with her three young kittens! This beautiful girl is done raising her family and she is ready for a home of her own! Brooke is so very sweet.


ARTEMIS – 1 year – Male

Artemis is such a handsome guy with personality plus! Artemis is a year old Domestic short hair make recently surrendered to Pet Search. He is neutered, felv/fiv negative, vaccinated and microchipped. He is great with both cats and dogs. Super affectionate!

goober and missy

GOOBER and MISSY – 5 months 

Goober and Missy are new to Pet Search! These two cuties were born outside and are now working on social skills in a foster home. They are 5 months old, feline leukemia/feline aids negative, vaccinated and altered. They do not need to be adopted together, but are wonderful with other cats and in a foster home with dogs.


DOMMY – 2 years – Male

Dommy is a total sweetheart of a kitty! He is a two year old neutered male tabby who loves to be with people and is good with other cats. He loves to ride on my mom’s walker and go room to room with her. Dommy is very affectionate. Dommy would be a wonderful cat for an older person who is looking for an affectionate lap cat and companion.


SPUNKY – 6 months – Female

Spunky is 6 month old female with personality plus! Talkative, very social and is very entertaining! She is an attention seeker and wants to be the center of attention! She would like to be adopted with her best friend Gizmo.


NOSEY – 1.5 years – Male

Nosey was an owner surrender in June 2018. He was so scared of everything! He sat in the back of a crate and hissed, growled and scratched at anything that tried to touch him. The foster family worked with him in developing his social skills and successfully turned him into a love bug! Nosey is about 1.5 years old. He is negative for feline leukemia/feline aids and is fully vetted. Nosey always looks like he is in awe of the world around him!


GABBY – Male

Gabby lived on Henderson Avenue in Washington. Someone took the responsibility in getting him neutered, but that is where the care ended. Fortunately, Gabby came to Pet Search where we could get him the care and food he so desperately needed. A month has gone by and he is ready for adoption. He is a “talker”… will chatter and tell you everything! He is so affectionate and is great with both dogs and cats. If you are looking for an affectionate chatterbox, then Gabby is the cat for you!


MUNCHKIN – kitten

Munchkin is available for adoption!


ROCKY – kitten – Male

Handsome Rocky was born outside to a feral mother. He and his littermates were trapped at 6 weeks, socialized and vetted. Rocky, at 4 months, has been neutered and is now ready to move on to his forever home. He is wonderful with both dogs and other cats and loves to play!


ROSIE – kitten

Rosie is one of 9 kittens that were born to a stray mother. With lots of TLC and handling in a foster home, these kittens are now very socialized and ready for adoption. They are 9 weeks old and have been raised with dogs, cats and children.



MAX – 6 months – Male

Max is one of 9 kittens that were born to a stray mother. With lots of TLC and handling in a foster home, these kittens are now very socialized and ready for adoption. They are 9 weeks old and have been raised with dogs, cats and children.

“Dear Santa….
I have been a good kitten this year… most of the time, I think. It isn’t my fault that my foster mom puts things on the table where I like to lay and so they get knocked on the floor.
For Christmas I would like some catnip to keep me crazy, a new ball, a laser toy and a family of my very own. I shared a foster home with 8 brothers and sisters and most have been adopted, but I would like my chance now too. I promise to try to stay out of the Christmas tree. Please Santa- a family would be wonderful!
There will be cookies waiting for you Christmas Eve… I will drink the milk!
Love, Max”

Max is 6 months old and has been in foster care since he was 6 weeks… please make his Christmas wish come true!

max 43046282_691738467849423_5755136660585054208_n


SHANDY – 5 years – Female

Shandy is a beautiful 5 year old female DSH Grey and white kitty… her fur is like velvet! Shandy was an owner surrender to pet search about 6 weeks ago and we like to really get to know our pets before putting them up for adoption. Shandy is very sweet, gentle, and is great with both dogs and other cats. She loves to lay in the window seat and “catch the morning and afternoon rays” Shandy loves a quiet lifestyle, minimal activity.


GRACE – kitten – Female

Gracie is a sweetie of a little Girl! She is 4 months old, has been living in a foster home with both dogs and cats and loves people. She is feline leukemia/feline aids negative, fully vaccinated, altered and microchipped. Gracie is wanting a home if her own… she would like it to be yours!


TOOTSIE – 5 years – Female

Tootsie is a sweetheart of a girl… she is a full figured 5 year old cutie that is wonderful with both dogs and cats. She loves people and enjoys watching TV, getting brushed and lounging in the sun. Sound like your type of kitty?


MIA – Female

Mia is a beautiful young lady that was one of 14 cats and kittens that were being fed by an elderly couple in Washington. Mia arrived with 2 kittens that are now ready for adoption. Mia is great with dogs, cats and children.



With so many kittens in the program, Calvin says don’t overlook the adult cats! They are calmer than kittens and their personalities are fully developed. Maybe an adult cat fits perfectly into your life! Fill out an application or stop by one of our adoption events to meet Calvin!


MISS KITTY – 2 years – Female

Miss Kitty loves to explore! She is s 1 year old female DSH that came to Pet Search with her litter of kittens. She is funny, sweet, very playful and great with both dogs and cats. Kitty and her litter were 5 of 23 cats and kittens surrendered to Pet Search from the same owner.

Kitty has been with Pet Search for about 9 months… we are not sure why because she is lovable, friendly, playful, interacts very well with both dogs and cats and so personable! Kitty would love to be with an active family or with a single person who wound shower her with so much love!

Miss KittyMiss Kitty


Daisy – 1 year – Female

Introducing Daisy!  She came to Pet Search a young mom.  Her kittens are all grown up and have been adopted, she’s looking for her own family now!


JACLYN – 1 year – Female

Jaclyn is a petite 1 year old gray tabby who is gentle, sweet and quiet. She is very affectionate and is great with both dogs and cats. Jaclyn was brought to Pet Search as a stray and her owner never came looking for her. Jaclyn would do well in a quiet home.



PAIGE – 9 months – Female

Paige was a teen mom and came to Pet Search for some help!  Her family is now grown and no more litters for her.  She is super sweet and beautiful.


LACEY – 1.5 years – Female

Lacey is a very loving kitty!  She is a brown tabby calico and has beautiful markings.  Lacey doesn’t like to be around a lot of other cats.  She loves to snuggle with her humans!

Lacey (1) Lacey


JOANIE – Female

Joanie is searching for a home!


JOI – 2 years – Female

Joi is a beautiful 2 year old girl that has been with Pet Search since she was 7 weeks old. Joi and her littermates were born under a deck to a feral cat spring 2017. Once trapped and handled, Joi developed social skills which has made her an adoptable kitty. She is mostly white with patches of calico. She has been raised with both dogs and cats.


SARAH – 10 months – Female

Sarah was a feral kitten who came to Pet Search at a young age.  She was socialized and will make a wonderful companion for someone now!  Sarah is great with dogs and cats.



TESSE – 6 months – Male

Tesse was trapped as a feral kitten in 84 PA and was socialized while he was young.  Now, he is so sweet!  He is great with other cats and dogs.  He had very, very bad eye infections when he was found.  His eyes are a little runny but otherwise normal!



Bella came to Pet Search as a stray with three kittens from Washington. Her kittens all found homes quickly but like most momma kitties, she is still waiting. Bella is now spayed and ready to move on with her life. She was shy at first but she learned to trust in her foster home. Her foster mom says she will make someone a beautiful lap kitty!



RHEA – 8 months – Female

Rhea is an eight month old kitty who is all black.  She isn’t quite full grown yet.  She is a sweet girl who was a stray that was trapped and brought to the Pet Search program.  Contact Pet Search at 724-228-7335 or email for more information.



CINNAMON – 1 year – Male

Cinnamon’s owner moved and abandoned him.  A neighbor cared for him until he came to Pet Search.  He is a friendly guy who gets along with people and other cats!



CLEMENTINE – 3 years – Female

Clementine is shy but loving.  She loves to climb the cat tree and watch the birds out the window!  She loves her foster family and gets along with everyone.


TOMMY – 5 years – Male

Meet Tommy! He was born in the wild with his sister (who has found a home). He’s been with Pet Search for a while and is 5 years old. Tommy is shy at first and is waiting for someone to give him a chance! He is very sweet once he warms up to you.




BAILY – 4 years – Male

Baily was abandoned at 9 months old in a colony cared for by Pet Search.  He has been in a foster home for 3 years!  He is a little shy at adoptathons and it makes it hard for him to find a home.  Baily does well with dogs and cats.  He is very sweet.

Baily baily Baily baily


AMARI – 1.5 years – Female

Amari is a sweet girl who was born in foster care.  She loves laps, laying in the sun, and playing.  She is very loving and loves to be combed and petted!  Interested in meeting her?  Call her foster mom Janet at 724-223-8468


EBONY – 1 year – Male

Ebony was found under a porch.  He is 1 year young and loves to hang out on top of bookcases!  He is good with other cats and very playful.  Would he fit into your life?

EbonyA Ebony Ebony2

Gator (1)

GATOR – 8 months – Male

Gator was found with his mom and siblings in Canton Township.  He is very sweet, loving, and playful.  He sleeps with his foster mom and loves to play with his litter mates and other foster kitties!

Gator Gator Gator


ALI:  Ali is a beautiful DSH tabby and white female that was abandoned. She is very sweet, and, although she likes other cats, she would prefer to be the only cat. She is great with dogs and with children of all ages.


STRIDER:  Strider is a male DSH gray tabby. Born in foster care. Great with cats. Shots current and neutered.


MCNUGGETT – 4.5 years – Male 

McNuggett was dropped off at McDonald’s and Pet Search was asked to help him.  That is why his name is McNuggett!  He is a big, all black kitty who is about 4.5 years old.  McNugget is gentle and does well with other cats and dogs.  He has been with Pet Search for many months and we hope he finds a home soon!